Would you like to improve efficiency in your practice? Ensure accuracy in your medical notes? Work smarter? Leave the office earlier? And save money? Welcome to Clinic Practice Management a web-based document management, storage and retrieval system combining EMR functionality at a fraction of the cost of most software. Clinic Practice Management uses intuitive smart-prompts to make building notes easier.

Benefits Of Products

HealthLink Infosystems Software is delivered as a web-based application - the direction in which business software is rapidly moving - bringing a host of benefits to your practice.

The Application is developed using the latest Web 2.0 technologies. HealthLink Infosystems EMR also runs on Windows, Linux & other platforms & can also be accessed from Mobile platforms such as Windos mobile, Android, Ipad and Iphones.

Our Software is designed with a commercial mindset, to help you keep the customers you have, and generate more revenue from them. Our Software can also help to prevent the missed revenue which occurs in every practice, as a result of complex procedures being billed as long lists of individual items.

The system allows the administrator to force services (e.g. an injection fee) to be billed when a certain consultation is billed. It also allows complex Treatment Plans to be constructed so that you can ensure that ALL required items are billed for commonly executed procedures.

The Package has been developed using cutting edge technology that gives the security and ruggedness to ensure its functionality with entry level hardware requirements. Being a customized software specifically designed & developed for Pediatricians , leaves minimal scope for further changes, which might attract extra cost. We maintain single version of the application, hence any upgradation to meet the market/environmental requirements/changes in the application will be immediately available to all the users at no extra cost.

The application can be Installed and Implemented Remotely. On a more positive note, not only do we back up your system remotely, but we also upgrade the software remotely. So major, stressful, and costly upgrades becomes a thing of past.

Our upgrades tend to be smaller, and take place out of business hours without any need of action from you. So, apart from enjoying new system functionality, you probably wouldn't even notice.

HealthLink's integrated Healthcare Solutions and services are extremely innovative & qualitative ensuring a global demand for our services worldwide.

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