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Monica has patients worldwide. When she joined GTHE, she got her unique Global Telehealth ID; by which, patients from India, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and various parts of the world, are able to find her to schedule a virtual consultation.

schedule a virtual consultation. Recently, Monica has started a research project working part-time at the Institute of Medical Science in Toronto; so she had to cut her virtual consultations from 10 to 2 per week. With GTHE, all this is possible, and she is able to practice medicine as she wants, when she wants and from anywhere she wants.

Even with fewer virtual consultations per week, Monica can maintain the best continuity of care. Monica sends her patients regular ‘How Are You Feeling Today’ cards so she can get quick feedback on her patients’ condition and reply promptly.

Monica's GTHE ID works for her 24/7. She gets immediate compensation without a lengthy billing process because of automated administrative tasks. She enjoys using GTHE because no other telemedicine solution is as easy, secure, or flexible when it comes to providing full remote care services.

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Future of healthcare is here. Providing access to care for millions around the world.

Why Patients Choose GTHE

Are you feeling unwell in the middle of the night? Or perhaps you’re preparing for a nice long vacation, but you know you need to have a routine check-up soon. No matter where you are or what time of day it is Global Telehealth Exchange provides the most secure access to doctors around the world to address your healthcare needs.

Why Providers Choose GTHE

Bring the joy of practicing back into medicine. The most common concern of healthcare providers worldwide is rising administrative costs and duties preventing them from treating patients. Global Telehealth Exchange does the administrative work for you, so you can focus on practicing medicine.